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I'm Belgian

I'm based in Barcelona

I build amazing web experiences

Joris Raymaekers

Web developer

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My Projects .

Demo video of Catacamp website


Full stack web app for listing campsites in Catalonia

Main Features

(complete list in github readme)
  • Built with MongoDb, Express, NodeJS and Bootstrap 4. Asynchronous Javascript with async/await. Clean modular code with service classes. Middleware route restrictions, error reporting (Winston) and Docker

  • Includes user authentication (sessions with PassportJS, Redis), profile pages for users and campgrounds, a comment section and search functionality

  • CSS features: grid layout, card design, generic dark/light gradient, image zoom effect

  • Javascript code for toggle password visibility in forms, copy url to clipboard and tooltip

  • Data models: users, campgrounds and comments with user data association

  • User password reset with email confirmation (Mailgun API)

  • Flash messages for user feedback with Connect-flash

Demo video of Goudster website


Business website for the belgian beer brand Goudster

Main Features

(complete list in github readme)
  • I did the full project: from prototype in AdobeXD, build with NodeJS (Express), SASS and HTML, to the deployment on a private server and domain and email setup

  • Legal compliance features: age consent modal on page load, GDPR compliant forms

  • Custom map with Google Maps API

  • Newsletter signup and contact form e-mail handling via Mailgun API

Demo video of travel website

Travel Site

Fully responsive front-end showcase website

Main Features

(complete list in github readme)
  • Full screen modal, sticky header on scroll, reveal elements on scroll and smooth scrolling to page section

  • Responsive images with data-srcset attributes and lazy loading

  • Column layout with floats and flexbox

  • jQuery for DOM manipulation and event handling

  • Development tools: BEM naming convention, icon sprites, Gulp taskrunner, Webpack for managing Javascript bundles

Todo application

Task Manager

Single page task manager with custom JSON API

Main Features

(complete list in github readme)
  • Main UI feature: select multiple (shift key), delete and update a custom selection of tasks

  • Built with NodeJs, Express & MongoDb

  • API endpoints for GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests

  • AJAX requests with jQuery

  • Development tools: Gulp taskrunner with Nodemon

Image of cooking-react-app

Cooking React

Recipe list manager built with React

Main Features

(complete list in github readme)
  • Recipes can be searched, added, edited and deleted

  • Recipes are stored in local storage using effect hooks

  • Use of React's Context API for sharing handler functions between components

Codepen Highlights .

Check out my profile on CODEPEN for front-end mini-projects

Collections include: forms with client side validation, image galleries with DOM element filtering, modals and css animations

Github Highlights .

To see what my code looks like, explore some of my mini-projects on Github.

Web scraper

NodeJs app that scrapes the Google Search results page

code on Github

ExpressJs integration testing with Jest

Testing Express server route controllers with Jest

code on Github

PWA Users

Basic progressive web app with Google Workbox that fetches user data form the placeholder API

code on Github

Auth with JSON Web Tokens

Basic app with JWT authorization for three different servers: the authServer handles authorization, the other two are for API related requests

code on Github

Fun zone.

Play some of the mini-games I created

Guess the flag

The player is presented a random country flag and 4 possible answers

Game state management built with React and data fetched from the REST countries API

Screenshot of the game: Guess the flag

Patatap Clone

Each keystroke produces a fireworks of randomly generated sounds and colors

Built with the libraries Paper.js and Howler.js

Screenshot of the game: Patatap

My Skills .

The projects above are a good reflection of what I can do for you but to sum it all up here is a list of my skills:



Bootstrap, Semantic UI

Javascript ES6, TypeScript

jQuery, React (Hooks, Redux)

Build tools: Gulp, Webpack, Parcel

Prototyping in AdobeXd


NodeJs, ExpressJs


Autentication: sessions (PassportJs), JWT

MongoDb (Mongoose), MySQL, Redis

Deployment: VPS (Ubuntu, Nginx, PM2, SSH), Linux CLI

Domain setup and management


Source control: Git, Github

Knowledge of Agile development

Trello and Kanban based workflow

Polyglot with excellent communication and documentation skills in Dutch, English, Spanish and Catalan

About me

My first experience with code dates back to a time when you had to know something about MS-DOS commands in order to play simple video games on a PC. Since then I went on to explore other horizons and I hold a Masters degree in International Relations. However, through some professional projects that involved Wordpress management and customization I rediscovered my interest for technology and software development. I decided to start learning the web stack and to gradually transition into a career as a software developer. Now I want you to hire me to help you build amazing web based tools that add value to your company and solve problems for your clients.

Tools and resources I use and recommend